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Our RoboJetFloss cotton candy machine for the production of super light, almost floating cotton candy. Thanks to the special airflow technology, the cotton candy flows out evenly and powerfully upwards. Depending on the air flow intensity regulated by the user, the RoboJetFloss ejects the cotton candy up to 2 meters high from the spinning head. Time for cotton candy with a show effect! Here you have the opportunity to form large cotton candy clouds or to astonish the customers with the snake effect, because you can pull the cotton candy out of the spinning head like a snake. Depending on the setting, the cotton candy not only flies high but also far - up to 5 meters!

With this cotton candy machine there are no limits. Not only that you create brilliant show effects and thereby turn the viewers into customers. You can also model colored works of art, flowers and figures. These possibilities result from the vertical discharge of cotton candy. Even if you don't want to perform any tricks, the RoboJetFloss is the right choice for you, because if you want to produce large quantities quickly, it can hardly beat another cotton candy machine. It was developed for professional use and is therefore extremely hard-wearing and powerful. Thanks to its size, the machine is mobile and flexible. Thanks to two toggle switches, you can easily control the temperature and the rotation of the spinning head. You can precisely regulate the voltage yourself using a continuously adjustable controller. An installed fuse protects you in the event of technical problems and switches the device off automatically.

Drive belts are a thing of the past with this machine too. The drive is made of metal with little wear and is not provided with plastic parts. This means the longevity of the cotton candy machine and you save time and money.

Our RoboJetFloss unfolds its power when you want to produce large quantities quickly. You can produce up to 5 kg (!!!) in one hour. Bring color into play with food colors! You can of course get these in our shop, as well as the matching undercarriage.

RoboJetFloss comes with: 66 cm plastic bowl, no-snow tool, silicone adjustment ring (airflow), silicone sealing sleeve, user manual.

weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 37 x 40 x 37 cm without pan, 67 x 48 x 67 cm with pan

Power: 230V / 1450W

Article number:
Price:€ 1.085,00