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Churros machine

In the Netherlands, the Spanish sweet snack, Churros, is on the rise, so at Mister Pop you will find the Churros Extruders from now on. The churros machine is available in 3 versions, the 2, 4 and 5 liter capacity.

With this churros machine you can easily make the churros as if you had never done anything else. To make cleaning easy, the churros machine is completely made of stainless steel. This churros machine is also seen as the easiest and fastest working machine in the market. This is partly due to the special ball bearing rotation system. If you buy a churros machine from Mister Pop you can be sure that the machine is of good quality and you have a solid machine that lasts for many years. The churros machine is supplied with stainless steel hinge arm and 3 churros dough forms.

Would you like to see the machine in real life then you are welcome in our showroom in Hilvarenbeek. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities of this beautiful machine. For questions about the website you can call +31 13 505 62 39.