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ChurroMatic 3 ltr

This machine compresses and cuts the churros automatically!
By pressing 6 churros are produced simultaneously.
The desired number of portions can be set by pressing the center button.
At press lower button is pressed completely empty container at set length.
Height is easily adjustable from about 6-22 cm.
Machine also has a day counter to see how many servings churros are produced.

Technical information :
power consumption:
power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Watt: 300 VA
Cutting blade: 12 VDC

L x W x H: 27x23x81 cm
length (depth) incl arm is 46 cm.
Weight 25.5 kg

Shipping dimensions: 92x43x37 cm
shipping weight 33 kg

Machine comes standard include articulated arm, table stand and a container with molding plate 6 churros, this is standard mold plate no. 14 (14 mm per churros) the mold plate is also available on request at no.12 or no.13

Made in Holland !!

You can find a promotional film of this machine in the section above: Video

For this machine Mister Pop has its own mix!
More information about this mix can be find in the supplies page.


Article number:
Price:€ 4.395,00