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Donut machine

Would you like to make donuts yourself? This is possible with the help of a donut machine. A donut machine can be purchased in different models. If you would like to make donuts, but not in very large quantities, you can best choose a plate as a donut machine. This donut machine can make 11 donuts at a time and is very easy to use.

If you like to make a lot of donuts, we have a very nice donut machine for you that can make up to 500 donuts per hour. These 500 donuts from this machine are donuts of 40 grams. We also have a donut machine that is up to 1000 make mini donuts per hour. These are donuts of 20 grams. Depending on your wishes, we therefore always have a machine that suits you.

We also have various accessories to make it complete. You can even buy the mix for the donuts from us. You are welcome to come and see your donut machine in our showroom in real life. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. For more information you can also call +31 13 505 62 39.