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Donut Pastry dispenser

Professional Donut Dispenser creates perfectly formed cake donuts, by depositing the same size and weight every time.

The unit offers 6 volume settings located on the handle:
Typical weight range is from 1.2 - 1.8 oz (34 - 50g). An identically shaped donut is delivered time after time.
Average deposits per hopper when full; approximately 58 - 1 oz deposits.
Hopper size is generous, holding 5 1/2 pounds of batter weight.
Operation is easily accomplished with no waste or drips.
Very easy to disassemble and clean.

Each hopper is constructed of aluminum to reduce weight.
Each plunger and cylinder is constructed of stainless steel to assure durability. Plain plunger (1 9/16") standard donut size.
The entire unit is corrosion resistant, easy to clean and is NSF certified.

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Price:€ 325,00