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Nutella dispenser HOT

Serve Nutella® straight from this stainless steel heated dispenser.
This heated dispenser is an innovative solution that will allow you to serve Nutella® directly from 3 kgTub. Made in stainless steel and is perfect for using Nutella® as topping or filling pastries.
The holder is supplied with 2 lockable clips.
Technical info:
Heating element is 230V/150 Watt
The temperature is limited to 60°C.
Equipped with an on/off switch.
Weight: 3.4Kg
Dimensions: Height 420mm, Width 290mm, Depth 165mm
Diameter: Ø 95mm.
Cord length: 130cm.

Additional Information
Bucket in ‘cold’ condition (room temperature): approximately 25°C.
Ambient temperature: approximately 24°C.

When a full 3Kg Tub is placed on the heating element and the lever-action dispenser is installed,
it takes about 30 minutes before the values below are reached.

Top of the Nutella® 3Kg Tub: Approximately 26°C
Bottom of the Nutella® 3Kg Tub to 10cm above it: Approximately 53°C

So it is important to note that the entire content of the 3Kg Tub will not be heated.

After the Nutella® has reached the temperature of ± 53°C and is pumped 2 or 3 times the temperature of the Nutella® in the outlet pipe is about 38°C.

When not used, the temperature in the outlet pipe cools down to ± 27°C within 30 minutes, which does not cause any problems when warm Nutella® will be pumped again.

To be used with Nutella® Chocolate Spread 3kg foodservice Catering Tub.

Nb. 3Kg Tub of Nutella® is NOT INCLUDED with purchase of Nutella® Dispenser.

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Price:€ 572,00