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Cretors Hotdog Broiler

Model 1700 Hot Dog Cooker and Bun Warmer
The Echols hot dog cooker and bun warmer is a compact yet efficient hot dog cooker and bun warmer combined into one unit. When counter space is minimal, this perfect combination provides wonderful merchandising, freshly heated hot dogs and warmed buns ready for serving. Hot Dog cooker and Bun Warmer features: Rotating hot dog rack design with pause feature for easy access and operation. Holds 36 hot dogs, large or small, and warms 48 buns in a separate compartment. Adjustable hot dog cradles will handle regular or jumbo hot dogs, Italian sausage franks, or other cooked meat products. Quickly heats a frozen hot dog in 20 minutes. Tempered glass windows. Easily adjustable temperature controls. UL and UL Sanitation listed.

Electrical: 230V / 1200 Watts
Dimensions: 56 x 53,4 x 76,2 cm

Ship Dimensions: 29"D x 21"W x 30"H
Shipping Weight: 70 lbs.

Article number:
Price:€ 1.540,00