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Cretors Hotdog Grill

Hot Dog Grill
Features: Cretors has taken a basic hot dog cooker and given it a fresh twist.

This new Cretors Hod Dog Grill design includes a center drive shaft

which reduces strain on the gears, ensuring longer motor life.

This workhorse will stand up to the rigorours use found in the bussiest concession areas.

Cretors exclusive Hot Dog Grill holds 24 pieces and heats 144 per hour.

Stainless steel construction and cooking surface.

Superior heating element heats product all the way through.

Moving grill on angle for complete product roation.

Digital temperature display and control allow for exact temperature settings...

FIRST in the industry! Optional sneeze guards are available.

Electrical: 230/50HZ; 1000 Watts

Metric Dimensions: 57.20D x 50.16W x 19.69H --

Shipping: 55.88D x 53.33W x 22.86H

Price:€ 1.400,00