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Poffertjesplate 72 molds/ gas

Poffertjesmachine 72 dops

Made of 3 mm red copper, supported by stainless steel frame.
Incl stainless steel gas chassis

Technical information:
Brand: Mister Pop
Propane: 11 KW, piezzo ignition
incl pressure regulator and gas hose
size; lxbxh = 70 x 525 x 950 mm

Total weight: 33 kg
weight copper plate: 13 kg
weight base: 20 kg

Shipping Weight Base: 25 kg
Shipping weight plate: 15 kg

For this machine, Mister Pop has its own mix!
More information about this mix can be found in the raw materials section.

Article number:
Price:€ 1.300,00