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B3 HOT sauce dispenser

B 3 HOT is a compact dispenser for cream and hot sauces such as nutella and caramel: ideal for anyone who wants to function maximally with limited space. You can use the special dispenser for croissants, oliebollen, churros, crepes, etc.
With different types of hot sauces to fill or garnish, the device keeps the products at the right temperature.
This simple, reliable machine is designed to deliver small portions and thus prevent unnecessary waste. Thanks to the manual thermostat, B 3 HOT is extremely easy to use and will help you boost your business by offering special products for your customers.

Techn. details;
Content: 3 liters
L x W x H: 18x47x51 (H) cm
230V / 50HZ / 400W
Weight 20g
shipping weight: 22 kg
Techn. details;
Inh : 3 ltr
lxdxh : 18x47x51(H) cm
230V/50HZ / 400W
Weight: 20
Shippingweight : 22 kg

Article number:
Price:€ 580,32