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General information:
The stalls are suitable as popcorn or candy can. However, as a universal stool, they are also very useful for distributing other items.

* Easy to keep clean
* Provided with 4 transport wheels, 2 of which are braked
* Equipped with parasol flange (flange plus tube included, umbrella not included)
Available colors:
The staples are delivered as standard in red or blue. Other colors are available on request. This applies to a small additional price. However, for varying colors, delivery time is considerably longer.
Standard dimensions:
The popcorn frame has a size of 122 x 61 cm or 140 x 50 cm. The internal height is 79 cm so that most of the standard machines can be transported in transit.

The staples can be fully colored, as shown in the picture

Power / Lighting:
Led lighting with various colors and progamma's, operated by remote control, further 3 sockets with connection cable built in.
Standard dimensions: 122 x 61 x 90 (H) cm

Nb. This is not a stock item, due to specific wishes regarding color and printing.
Delivery time approx. 3-4 weeks.

Price incl full color printing and LED lighting as shown.

Article number:
Price:€ 638,50