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Professional Waffle maker

Waffles are a delicious snack to enjoy during a funfair. Waffles are easily made with the aid of a rotatable professional waffle maker. The Mister Pop machines are therefore suitable for both baking and heating.

A professional waffle iron is available in many different sizes. At Mister Pop you can choose professional waffle irons for 2 waffles, but we also can deliver a waffle iron to make 6 waffles at once. The size of the professional waffle iron indicates how many waffles you can make at the same time. You can also order the mix for Brussels waffles and waffle lollies. The waffle iron for waffle lollipops is also available from Mister Pop.

If you want to know the possibilities of the equipment you are welcome to come and see the professional waffle irons in our showroom in Hilvarenbeek. Here you can view everything with your own eyes and you get a better picture with the format.

We are also happy to help you in your choice. For more information you can always call +31 13 505 62 39.