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Nutella Hotdispenser 3,5 ltr

A pot of Nutella of 3 kg fits precisely in this hotpot.
For this hotpot we have made a suitable dispenser with a needle opening.
For dosing, decorating and injecting hot sauces such as nutella, caramel, chocolate, etc.
Needle dispenser is easy to disassemble after use for cleaning, to prevent clotting.

Stainless steel
Includes 1 pot of 3.5 liters
Including needle dispenser
Temperature range: 0 - 95 ° C
Power: 0.15 kW / 230 V
Dimensions: 210x210x (H) 435 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg

Article number:
605035 en OM002
Price:€ 520,75