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Icecream waffle mix

Ready-made mix for preparing ice cream waffles and cones.
Only add water.

Tasty sweet vanilla waffle that stays crispy for a long time after baking.

Do you sell fresh ice cream? why would you not bake (part of) the ice cream waffles / cones fresh yourself!
Customers see that you bake fresh, this spreads a nice waffle scent and this increases your ice cream turnover.

1 kg ice-cream mix
500 cc of water (approx.)

Preparation :
Ca. Mix for 2 minutes with machine (whisk) at medium speed.
Bake in ice waffle iron, 50 sec. At 200 C.

You will find ice waffle machine in the section waffle machines
You will find ice horn roller in the section waffle Necissities

5 kg per bag

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Price:€ 19,75