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Pearl Waffle Mix bag 10 kg

With this wafflemix you create your own sugar waffles, by just water and oil (or real butter) to add.
Everything is in the mix including yeast and pearl-sugar !
The advantages against frozen dough pieces:
- No Freeze transport/ storage
- No defrost (rise cabinet)
- Long shelf life (1 year)
- Lower cost per waffle

Mixing ratio: 1kg pearl waffle mix + 380 ml water + 20 ml oil

Tip! For cream butter sugar waffles mix 1 kg of pearl waffle mix with 320 ml of water and 100 grams of real cream butter ( delicious! )

To mix: +/- 3 minutes on lowest gear with a dough hook. After mixing let rise 20-25 minutes

To bake: 2,5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius

Waffles per kilo: +/- 17-18 big waffles(80 gram) comparable to the volume of a Liege wafer of 120 grams

Bag 10 kg

Article number:
Price:€ 41,00