About us 

Mister Pop is a wholesaler of Fun Food including related equipment and packaging materials. The company unburdens its customers; it is truly a one-stop shop. Mister Pop provides high quality raw materials and machinery and is committed to excellence in customer service.
The company was founded in 1977 and was located in Hilvarenbeek until May 2023. Since June 2023, the company has been located in Sneek. Its best-selling products are Churros mix and Culistar frying oil. The Fun Food Market is industry that focuses on food that is primarily fun and entertaining. It is often playful in nature and is consumed on special occasions such as parties, festivals, fairs and in amusement parks.


Mister Pop strives to bring fun and entertainment by providing high quality, sustainable and innovative Fun Food products and equipment. Our goal is to be a market leader in the Benelux and a significant player in the European market, while being continuously committed to delivering a distinctive product, excellent customer service, optimal cooperation with partners and actively contributing to a sustainable future.


Mister Pop aims to be the undisputed European market leader in Fun Food products, equipment and packaging materials. We will expand our customer base, enter new markets and strengthen our offering by developing innovative, environmentally friendly and customer-oriented solutions. We believe that cooperation, sustainability and customer focus are key to our success and customer satisfaction. 

Improving with customer focus

To keep customer satisfaction high, Mister Pop continuously strives to improve products and services. We collect customer feedback and analyze performance data and market trends. In the team we discuss possible process improvements and opportunities to meet (changing) requirements and create an action plan for this.

Successful together

To achieve optimal results, employees work closely together and we make clear agreements with, for example, our customers and suppliers. We respect and utilize each other's knowledge and skills in the team and take responsibility to be successful. 

Consciously sustainable

Mister Pop is committed to leaving a healthy planet for future generations. We do business sustainably and help customers do business more sustainably. We recycle, minimize packaging materials and encourage the reuse of materials. Customers are offered more sustainable and healthier alternatives to current products and packaging.