Professional poffertjes supplies

Do you often make a lot of poffertjes or do you want to make lots of good poffertjes? Then professional poffertjes supplies are indispensable. Professional poffertjes supplies will you think? There are various parts to make baking poffertjes easy. So you can bake many poffertjes in a short time with professional poffertjes supplies. 

There are custom-made poffertjes plates in various sizes, even plates on gas that are produced in-house. Of course you will also find other professional poffertjes supplies at Mister Pop. Think of a machine to make the batter and a handy product to divide the batter over the poffertjes plate without all the poffertjes being connected. You can view various supplies under the heading "poffertjes", but you are also welcome to come and see the professional poffertjes supplies in our showroom. 

We are happy to advise you on the options and options of the products. If you still have questions after viewing the website, you can call +31 13 505 62 39 at any time.