Poffertjes plate

For a poffertjes plate of good quality and for large production of poffertjes you are at the right place at Mister Pop. You will find a suitable poffertjes plate for different occasions.

A poffertjes plate is already available in small sizes from 50 poffertjes per plate. But we can also supply a large poffertjes plate for you. We even have a model of 99 by 58.5 by 86.5 cm. Enough to make a lot of poffertjes in a short time.

It is not entirely unimportant to report that the customized poffertjes plates on gas are produced in-house (custom made).

Not only for the poffertjes plate itself you are in the right place, but also for various accessories you can contact us. Think of an appliance, or a batter and even the mix for making the batter you can order from us. You are welcome to come and see your poffertjes plate in our showroom.

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of the various plates and what benefits this might have for you. For more information you can also call +31 13 505 62 39 .