Mister Churros Doll

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Product information "Mister Churros Doll"

Mister Churros is a whopping 100 cm tall. This cheerful friend welcomes your customers with open arms! His generous smile is guaranteed to make your customers happy. And the Nutella on his head is sure to make your customers' mouths water.

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Size:  28 x 86 x 100 cm
Weight: 5.8 KG

Risicoproduct verzending : Ja

Churros Artikelen

Churros Mix 10 kg
Churros are traditionally made with a dough prepared with boiling water. Mister Pop has a special mix that is prepared with cold water. Very tasty and crispy product!TIPIs your dough too firm because of the cold? Place your bags of mix in as warm a place as possible. Use room temperature water if necessary. If you mix is still too firm, you can add a little more water than indicated on the instructions.Mixing ratio: 1 kilogram of Churros mix + 1 liter of cold waterMixing: mix for approx. 2 minutes in slow gear with a dough hookPreparation: ± 2 minutes baking at 180 degrees Celsius in deep-frying oilPortions per kilo of mix: 10-15 (depending on length, thickness and quantity of Churros per portion)Packaging unit: bag of 10 kilograms
Manual Churros maker 2 ltr
Manual Churros maker This Churros extruder is available in three different sizes with a capacity for 2 kg Made in full stainless steel and claimed to be the softest and easiest in use machine of the market ( thanks to its special ball bearing internal design ). Heavy and very solid machine ! Optional cuttingsystem available. Machine weight : 2 Litre 13,5 kg For this machine Mister Pop has its own mix! More information about this mix can be find in the supplies page.
ChurroMatic 3 ltr
This machine compresses and cuts the churros automatically! By pressing 6 churros are produced simultaneously. The desired number of portions can be set by pressing the center button. At press lower button is pressed completely empty container at set length. Height is easily adjustable from about 6-22 cm. Machine also has a day counter to see how many servings churros are produced. Technical information : power consumption: power supply: 230V / 50Hz Operating voltage: 24 V DC Watt: 300 VA Cutting blade: 12 VDC L x W x H: 27x23x81 cm length (depth) incl arm is 46 cm. Weight 25.5 kg Shipping dimensions: 92x43x37 cm shipping weight 29.8 kg Machine comes standard include articulated arm, table stand and a container with molding plate 6 churros, this is standard mold plate no. 14 (14 mm per churros) the mold plate is also available on request at no.12 - no.13 - no.15 and no.16 Made in Holland !! You can find a promotional film of this machine in the section above: Video For this machine Mister Pop has its own mix! More information about this mix can be find in the supplies page.
Nutella Dispenser HOT POT
Een echt blikvanger! De Nutella dispenser is het perfecte hulpmiddel voor professioneel gebruik. De pot maakt het doseren eenvoudig en zal zeker de aandacht van uw klanten trekken. Beperkte voorraadDit product is helaas zeer beperkt leverbaar. We krijgen per levering slecht enkele potten aangeleverd. Hierdoor kan het product tijdelijk niet leverbaar zijn.  GebruikersinstructieVerwijder de zilverkleurige bovenkant met behulp van de twee stevige boutjes. Giet een klein beetje water in de Hot Pot. Plaats de 3 kilo emmer gevuld met Nutella voorzichtig in de HOT POT. Zorg dat het water maximaal tot halverwege de pot met inhoud komt. Plaats de zilverkleurige bovenkant terug op de HOT POT en draai de boutjes weer vast. Zet de machine aan zodat de Nutella verwarmd. Zorg dat bij het vervangen van de pot Nutella er geen water op uw handen komt. Dit water kan heet zijn. Afmeting: 25 cm hoog, diameter: 22,5 cmVermogen: verwarmingselement: 230V/0,2KWTe combineren met: Nutella 2x Emmer 3 kilogram - Artikelnummer: GR0032 Au bain marie: Giet een kleine hoeveelheid water in de HOT POT en plaats hierin de Nutella pot voor een gelijkmatige verwarming van de pasta. Verpakkingseenheid: per stuk